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Mandrel Systems

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High Current Components in Cu & Al

High Current Technology 

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  • IMERYS      Metalcasting Solutions


IMERYS is specialized in a range of superior mould fluxes to meet the various requirements of our customers in the steel industry. Fluxes are essential to high-grade steel production in continuous casting, bottom pouring, ladle and tundish processes.


IMERYS offers the right products for all requirements.

Specific developments are our speciality for:

- Continuous Casting

- Bottom Pouring (Ingot)




  • FLOHE GmbH


FLOHE represents German quality products and a huge rang of services in the field of high current technology. From basic to detail engineering combined with assembly, repair and revamping - in all sectors related to high current systems. The FLOHE team of specialists is ready to provide assistance to customers, wherever they are in the world.


Competence in engineering and manufacturing

From individual components to complex High Current Systems


- EAF / LF components

- Electrode Arms and spare parts

- High Current Cabels

- Flexible Connectors in Cu and Al

- Busbar Systems

- Crucibles & Copper moulds

- Switching Equipment


  • GUSTAV WIEGARD Maschinenfabrik GmbH


Rolls for continuous caster, rolling mills, cold rolling mills and all kinds of individual costumer's requests


Gustav Wiegard produces

Strand guide rolls and rolling systems for slab caster, CSP caster, plants producing long products and stainless steel caster

Components for Rolling Mills, Complete coilers, Mandrel segments and components. Choks and Drive elements.

Committed to high quality for:

- Roll Systems

- Rolling Mill Components

- Critical plant components 


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